Hello, Luminous Les here with the most important tip a gambler needs to know.

There is a term in gambling called chasing the number. This occurs when a gambler falls behind and starts betting more to catch up. Think about that. You decide to bet more when you are losing.

Hello, my name is Luminous Les. Please be patient, this is my first blog post. I am a huge college football fan. Love to watch it, love to bet it, been doing it for 45 years. In my professional career, I am a Sales and Marketing Executive. Trust me, there are a lot of similarities between the two. In sales and marketing there is a lot of benchmarking and performance measurements. This is how you tell if a person or campaign is performing to a proven standard.

One interesting thing about college football is there is not a lot of benchmarking or performance measurements. Before you start talking about wins and losses and all those statistics, please let me clarify.