Have you ever heard the term KISS? When it stands for:


It is absolutely amazing how many ways you can wager on games. Books have parleys, pleasers, teasers, first and second half lines, team props, player props, and live props, up to the minute wagering lines. Hell, you can bet the coin toss at the Super Bowl.

One rule of thumb, if the book does not charge juice, do not wager on the bet. I know, parleys are sexy, but if you write down four team parleys each week of the season, and check the results at the end of the season, you will have lost money over the long haul.

It is best to only bet the side, or over/under. I know people will argue that point, but the simpler you make it, the easier it is to win. As everyone knows, football is a game of ups and downs, and by wagering on the whole game you get a better chance of predicting the outcome.