On May 7, 2002, Allen Iverson gave a news conference to discuss his views on his Coach’s concern about him missing a practice. In the famous news conference, Iverson said the word practice 20 times and continued to state, “we’re not talking about a game, not a real game, we’re talking about practice.” When you listen to the video it becomes obvious he does not think too highly of practice.

Unfortunately, this is how the majority of our society feels about practice. We are above it and, more importantly, we consider ourselves game day players. That is a very dangerous proposition in sports betting. One problem, if you don’t practice, you will not get better. Unfortunately in sport betting, if you don’t get better, you will lose money.

John Wooden once said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Who do you think would make a better handicapper, Allen Iverson or John Wooden?