Hello, my name is Luminous Les. Please be patient, this is my first blog post. I am a huge college football fan. Love to watch it, love to bet it, been doing it for 45 years. In my professional career, I am a Sales and Marketing Executive. Trust me, there are a lot of similarities between the two. In sales and marketing there is a lot of benchmarking and performance measurements. This is how you tell if a person or campaign is performing to a proven standard.

One interesting thing about college football is there is not a lot of benchmarking or performance measurements. Before you start talking about wins and losses and all those statistics, please let me clarify.

How do you know how a team is performing to its capabilities? Think about that for a minute.  You have wins and losses, which don’t tell you much but who is the stronger team. You have pre-season publications which are highly subjective and are starting to resemble code books used in World War II. Then you have the coach’s opinion which generally comes right before or after a game. Not one of these three things tells you anything about how team is playing up to it capabilities. Remember you have to use facts and numbers to support your measurements or benchmarks.

In college football you have an original opening betting line. When you think about all the work that goes into this line it is remarkable. You have a computer program that takes every conceivable team and individual statistic into consideration. You have Odds makers and Bookmakers checking and massaging each and every betting line. You have sportsbooks re-checking each and every line. It is safe to say it is the most intelligent number created in college football. One argument might be the line is skewed slightly towards favorites since the betting public sides with favorites more, but I would argue it is universally skewed and therefore fair and consistent.

If you use the original opening line as your benchmark or measurement such as a horizontal axis on a chart and then use the final score of each contest to get you the plus or minus to the original line, which you would use as your vertical axis, you would have your performance measurement or benchmark each week for every team. This is done on scoutingwagers.com each week during the season.

Check us out, scoutingwagers.com and Good Luck. ;-)