ticket transThe ticket you see pictured is a perfect example of how scouting wagers can provide a different perspective on a bet. On October 5, 2017, the Louisville Cardinals, with Heisman Trophy Candidate Lamer Jackson were visiting the North Carolina State Wolfpack on ESPN’s Thursday Night College Game.

Have you ever heard the term KISS? When it stands for:


It is absolutely amazing how many ways you can wager on games. Books have parleys, pleasers, teasers, first and second half lines, team props, player props, and live props, up to the minute wagering lines. Hell, you can bet the coin toss at the Super Bowl.

When you practice document the top five home team picks against the top five road team picks, at the end of the season you should have a total of 75 picks in each category. Year in and year out in college football, the home team picks are 20 percent better than the road team picks. I believe this is because the home team is more likely to have fewer turnovers and more momentum during the game. Trust me, it works the same with underdogs….you will find the home underdogs always outperform the road underdogs. I know the line is supposed to take this into consideration, but the chances for profitable results are better with the home team.

On May 7, 2002, Allen Iverson gave a news conference to discuss his views on his Coach’s concern about him missing a practice. In the famous news conference, Iverson said the word practice 20 times and continued to state, “we’re not talking about a game, not a real game, we’re talking about practice.” When you listen to the video it becomes obvious he does not think too highly of practice.