Subscription Launch on Sept. 24, 2018

Scouting Wagers will launch its 2018 subscription offer on September 24, 2018. The company provides college football bettors with three tools for handicapping FBS games. The tools measure the difference between the opening betting line and the final score for each game for the 130 teams during the 2018 season.

“These tools offer gamblers a different perspective,” said Les Richardson, owner of  “We feel using the original opening betting line as a benchmark is the best indicator of how well a team is playing during each week of the season. Teams have peaks and valleys just like people do. These tools are great at showing subscribers those peaks and valleys.”

Richardson went on to say the 2018 Scouting Wagers Subscription includes 15 weekly Scoreboard Spreadsheets. The spreadsheets keep an accumulative point total of the difference between the opening line and the final score. It also tracks each team’s win-loss record. The teams are listed by conference in alphabetical order for quick reference.

The second tool is the Weekly Individual Team Charts. The Team Chart indicates how a team performs each week against the opening line. Subscribers can see if a team is ascending or descending against the opening betting line. This is critical for tracking weekly trends on each of the 130 FBS teams.

The third tool is the Weekly Match-Up sheet. Scouting Wagers segments the top 15 teams and the worst 15 teams against the opening betting line. These 30 teams have the most unpredictability of the 130 FBS teams. We show their next opponent and how that team is doing against the line by points and their win-loss record against the line. The Match-Up Sheets start on week #4.

The subscription costs $14.95 per season. The company offers perspective buyers a free E-Book that will tell you how to build the spreadsheets and charts. “There is no bait and hook”, said Richardson. “Most people do not have the 40 hours per season to put this information together. We do. That is what we sell. “

The website address is According to the website, gamblers will receive four benefits from the subscription, “First, you get a different perspective on how to look at each matchup. Second, it gets you out of the rut of betting the same way each time. Third, these tools will save you money by letting you know when you are getting ready to make a bad bet.  Fourth, it simply works, your win percentage will improve!”

Richardson said for the past 45 years he has wagered on college football games as a hobby. He came across these tools while he was looking for something that would help him find upcoming match-ups. “Things just kind of grew from there to what it is today.”

The subscription measures what FBS teams do against other FBS teams. It does not measure FCS team against FBS teams. Week 15 features a Bowl Edition.  The information is available to subscribers by noon each Sunday, four hours before the opening lines come out.

“This business model is different than what is out in the market,” said Richardson. “We do not sell picks. We sell information for the handicapper to use. We believe the gambler should make the pick. In this business, it is hard to get a different perspective without an opinion.”

The contact information for is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the customer service number is 316-453-1200.