FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the purchase listed on my credit card statement?
Answer: Scoutwagers

2. Does Scouting Wagers sell picks?
Answer: No, it only provides information.

3. Does Scouting Wagers pro-rate the season if you come aboard late?
Answer, No, it is $14.95 all season.

4. Does Scouting Wagers provide a money back guarantee?
Answer No, we do not, but we do provide perspective customers with a free E-book that explains the service and how to do it.

5. Does Scouting Wagers sell information to third parties?
Answer, No we do not. Our privacy policy is located on the contact page.

6. Does the subscription automatically renew next year?
Answer, No, You will be emailed an offer next year.

7. If I sign-up for the free E-book, am I bombarded with promotional offers?
Answer: No, you will receive a follow-up email offer this season and will receive another email for a subscription offer next year and that is it!

8. Where does Scouting Wagers get the original opening line?
Answer: Madduxsports.com.

9. Does Scouting Wagers have a Bowl Edition?
Answer: Week 15 is the Bowl preview week.